SeeQC Inc. Clearbrook Expansion

SeeQC (Elmsford, Westchester county, NY) is developing quantum computers based on the company s innovative hybridizing classical superconducting single flux quantum (SFQ) circuits with quantum processing circuits in a single cryogenic system. SeeQC plans to upgrade its manufacturing, design, and test capabilities by performing a major facility upgrade with the following actions: purchase and install new capital equipment for the existing manufacturing plant; acquire new test and measurement equipment for testing laboratories; and acquire design workstations and tools for a new superconducting integrated circuit design lab. This will enable SeeQC to address its present deficiency in manufacturing, quantum circuit design, and deep-cryogenic testing of quantum devices and circuits. The project will enable the company to combine new capabilities with the strong existing manufacturing base and achieve the necessary level for the execution of the goal of building hybrid SFQ-quantum computers. SeeQC will then be able to design, manufacture and test the integrated SFQ-quantum modules with unique performance characteristics.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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SeeQC Inc
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