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Downtown Brooklyn is the civic and business center of the borough, with excellent transit connectivity, 11 higher education institutions and applied research programs, and 3M+ SF of new office space expected in the next 5 years. The district s incubators have produced an ecosystem of startups that present key employment opportunities for the community. However, as these startups grow, the majority leave the borough – resulting in lost opportunities for Brooklyn to benefit from this economic and job growth. The Capturing Post-Incubator Growth project will identify barriers for startups and expanding firms to grow in Downtown Brooklyn, and assess real estate and programmatic resource gaps through interviews, financial analysis, and market research. Deliverables include recommendations for how Downtown Brooklyn can best retain and attract growth-stage firms and connect them to the local talent pool. Building on Governor Cuomo s DRI capital investments, this study will develop a roadmap for expanding economic opportunities in the region as Downtown Brooklyn advances to the next phase of its growth
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ESD - Strategic Planning and Feasibility Studies
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Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
New York City
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