CMOST 2019

CMOST has signed a letter of intent for a ten-year lease and paid a deposit to First Columbia establishing site control for the proposed location. Site development plans have been drawn to renovate approximately 2,537 sq ft on the ground floor and 17,500 sq ft of the fifth floor; plus create a 1,400 sq ft discovery area on the exterior of 547 River Street for CMOST. Likewise, plans are drawn to create a dedicated entryway, signage and school bus drop off on the river side (southwest corner) of the building.The objective of this move is to secure the Museum s economic future, growing our market capture which in turn maximizes our ability to serve the 84,000+ children in PK-5 children and thousands of preschoolers in the Region. Scaled to operate efficiently CMOST will serve as an anchor for Troy s Waterfront development serving as both an educational asset and a marketing "icon" in support of Troy s live, work, learn and play model. The Flanigan site will enable increased earned revenue from tickets, educational programming, memberships, events and retail while likewise providing increased gift and grant-worthy appeal as a high-profile child-focused STEM education destination
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Children's Museum of Science and Technology
Capital District
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