Magellan Aerospace Expansion

[p]Funding is requested for an enclosed vapor degreaser for our high precision, advanced aerospace West Babylon, NY manufacturing facility that will replace the current machine with a more efficient and environmentally friendly machine. This essential machinery is used to degrease metal parts that meets customer sustainability requirements and NYS DEC Emissions standards which are becoming more strict. All parts are shipped to Magellan with a thick grease coating to protect them from rust and damage in handlling. In order for us to test, anodize, etch, plate and paint, we need to strip the parts. The only way to degrease effectively and efficiently is to "wash" the parts using a chemical called perchloroethylene (PERC). The closed loop system will reduce the amount of PERC that we purchase and have to dispose of. With this new capability, far less will be disposed of as hazardous waste and far less will be emitted into the atmosphere. By saving money and streamlining our process with this machine, we can lower operating costs, increase output and hire 15+ new employees.[/
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Magellan Aerospace Processing
Long Island
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