2019 Tannersville Painted Village Culinary Hub Strategic Investment Plan

The Strategic Investment Plan for a CRAFT culinary hub at Fromer Market Garden, the Golf Park, Tannersville School and Hyer House will evaluate and unify components: the organic farm itself, a culinary incubator and cooking school, shared food truck, event/wedding venues, brewery, farm to school program, community food education initiative and job training program. This consultant led planning process will use $50K to strengthen a local and regional advisory network, engage the community, document and quantify demand and market support, evaluate and design space and facilities, prepare development and operating proforma, outline a financing strategy, estimate short and long term job creation, prepare a master schedule and phasing plan and produce conceptual illustrations. Fromer Market Gardens is an active organic farm in Tannersville s downtown core and an anchor of the Painted Village DRI Proposal. Hunter Foundation ; Royce Fund has invested $5+/- Million acquiring and improving the farm, Golf Park, Hyer House and nearby buildings. The farm includes a state-of-the-art, 8,000+ sf greenhouse, restored buildings, farm stand and growing Farm to School and net zero energy program
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ESD - Strategic Planning and Feasibility Studies
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Hunter Foundation
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