The Troy Public Market

The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market is establishing a year round every day presence in the City of Troy by developing a Public Market Place with flexible space to accommodate daily vendors. The Market has determined that a new space at the Troy Atrium would meet these needs with a new corridor being created to connect Broadway to the interior public space in the Atrium and become the Troy Public Market. Within this corridor would be over 25 flexible stall spaces that would operate as individual retail outlets for market members, along with market offices. The Public Market would expand into the Atrium if warranted. A midweek Market is planned on Broadway and in the Atrium. The winter market in the Atrium would link with this Public Market. The summer market would continue on River Street and link to the new space along Broadway.The plan is for a flexible space that could be accommodated in other locations within the City if the current plans at the Atrium do not move forward. The Market has identified 3 sites where the project could work. Project start date is winter 2019-20. The Market is seeking $115,000 in ESD funds for a $575,000 construction project for the Public Marke
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Troy Waterfront Farmers Market
Capital District
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