Troy Waterfront Farmers Market Public Market Hall

Through a successfully funded ESD Strategic Planning ; Feasibility Studies Grant, the City of Troy and the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market will conduct the requisite feasibility studies to determine the best way to develop and manage a Public Market Hall. This hall would house administrative offices, act as a space for the market on a daily basis, and provide other infrastructure for vendors and customers that would allow it to significantly increase its operating hours. This expanded Market would become an incubator for agriculture and craft beverage businesses. The Public Market Hall will link to the successful summer and winter markets. The feasibility study will also examine how the market could establish satellite locations throughout the city. It will examine the organizational structure of the market with a view to creating a 501c3 non-profit arm to promote health, wellness, and equity
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ESD - Strategic Planning and Feasibility Studies
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City of Troy
Capital District
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