Evolve Additive Solutions

Evolve Additive Solutions started as a Skunk Works and spun off from Stratasys Inc. The project began finding a way to print additive manufacturing parts using electrophotography as the powder deposition method and using heat to sinter the powder into three dimensional images. The project has done well in reducing to practice the technology and is now moving to the alpha machine region where alpha machines are being manufactured for select partners to test. Initial materials are being printed at the 12 ips (inches per second rate) and it is expected to speed up even further with additional track system for building the parts. The main process facility and headquarters is located in Minnetonka, MN and Rochester would be the center for materials and Electrophotographic development. Initially the Rochester facility will expand into 7,000 square feet of space, within a year expect to double that size to 14,000 square feet and then in the third year go into over 20,000 square feet of space. Eventually this will grow even more, depending upon the needs for the team. There should be more opportunities than issues, availability of the technical personnel in the Rochester area is high, drawing from Xerox and Kodak, both companies that are downsizing at a rapid rate. Raw materials and toner production are readily available in the region as well as hardware sourcing. Expected outcomes are having the machines and materials made in the Rochester area and deliverables being the same.
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Excelsior Jobs Program
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Evolve Additive Solutions
Finger Lakes
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