TCI Facility Expansion

We plan on building a 35,000 sq. ft., state of the art addition which will feature full secondary containment. The project includes construction of an expansion off our existing facility, site work, machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures and necessary soft costs. We employ a reverse manufacturing process that prepares mill ready materials that are refined and perfect according to stringent specifications from the mills. TCI materials need to be at the same high standards as other manufacturing suppliers that are producing materials for the mills. TCI goes to the utilities with specialized trailers to pick up transformers and then off loads them at our plant where they go onto the highly modernized production line in order to separate the materials and prepare them to be mill ready. The transformers are systematically dismantled. The tops and bushing are removed, oil is drained and bulked in tanks, the core, coil and windings are disassembled. Windings are made of copper, aluminum or a combination of both. They are surrounded by paper for insulation. 99% of the materials either go to the mills or are recycled. This material use to go directly into landfills. The process requires highly skilled workers who are trained on the use of Plasma Torches used to cut open transformers. Slow speed “Sawzall” or reciprocity saws are used to cut up larger transformers and components. These workers are trained and educated. Safety is a priority at TCI. Operation of these tools require strict attention to detail. The process includes hoist operators to lift heavy materials. Air wrenches, drills and hammer and chisels are used throughout the process. All materials are then separated according to different categories, i.e. reusable parts or scrap to be recycled. The reusable parts are prepared according to specifications for sale to the mills. Materials are transported throughout the plant on forklifts operated by trained and certified employees. Truck operators are certified commercial. The expansion will allow TCI to add new capability to the existing production line in order to expand the mill ready product we already offer creating new jobs and investment at our plant in Coeymans, New York.
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Excelsior Jobs Program
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Capital District
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